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UPDATE: March 5, 2017 

Thanks to the Numerica Performing Arts Center for hosting our first performances and for taking these awesome interview videos... check them out!

Interview with Nick Waaland (playing Haemon) is here... 

Interview with Jazzy Sinkoff (playing Ismene) is here...

Interview with Christina Capehart (playing Eurydice) is here...

Interview with Blake Yelavich (playing Creon) is here...

Interview with Don Fox (producer) is here...



We have been so fortunate to have the support of Matt Cadman, Executive Director of the Numerica Performing Arts Center of Wenatchee, as we launch this production.  Matt has been given extensive pre-production access to our materials and people and has this to say about our show... we couldn't agree more!

“By modernizing the tone of this Greek tragedy, without losing a bit of its literary power, and by adding the allure of high tech video projection, an electronic dance score, and intimate staging, the producers of EDM Antigone provide a unique and critical connection for students struggling to resonate with the Classics.”

- Matt Cadman, Executive Director, NumericaPerforming Arts Center of Wenatchee


Sneak Peek!  Here is a concept rendering for the EDM Antigone stage!  Intimate seating for 200!

EDM Antigone will have its world premiere at the Numerica Performing Arts Center in Wenatchee, WA on March 1, 2017!  For touring and booking information sign up on the right with your email address!

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