EDM Antigone - About the show...

EDM Antigone is a modern-language, electronic music rock opera adaptation of Sophocles' tragedy, Antigone, that weaves together music, dance, and drama, with high-tech lighting, surround-video, and sound, and is set “in the round” rather than on a traditional proscenium stage.


It is techno-musical, multi-media presentation of the ancient Greek drama that will have 4 production teams touring high schools and performing arts centers across the US within 5 years. Sophocles’ classic is required reading in over 90% of high schools in the US and is part of the Common Core curriculum. Because of it’s “in the round” configuration, EDM Antigone can be presented in any gymnasiums, cafe-torium, or other multi-purpose space.


The mission of EDM Antigone is to bring an ultra-contemporary, cutting edge, live performing arts experience that is solidly grounded in the literature, social themes, history, and other educational aspects of the play to audiences across the country. As a self-contained touring production, EDM Antigone is especially suited to visit rural communities where this kind of theatrical/educational experience may be typically out of reach. Also working on the project is a team of educators and dramaturges whose goal it is to hook kids into an open stance towards theatre, literature, dance, history, the arts, and technology while exploring how the social themes in the tragedy apply to the world today.

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Previous events


EDM Antigone

Moses Lake High School Chief Gym, 803 E Sharon Ave, Moses Lake, WA


EDM Antigone School Performance

Numerica Performing Arts Center of Wenatchee, 123 N. Wenatchee Ave., Wenatcee, WA



EDM Antigone PUBLIC Performance

Numerica Performing Arts Center of Wenatchee, 123 N. Wenatchee Ave., Wenatcee, WA

Please call the venue for up to date information on this performance! Visit The Numerica PAC Site for tickets and info!